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Solar panels for your business in London, West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey

Commercial Solar PV

Making commercial solar work

The way businesses utilise and create energy is changing and smart businesses are taking this opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and costs.

Rising energy prices and the fall in solar and storage prices the business case for installing solar energy at your business premises has never been more compelling.  For buildings with large open roofs the cost of installation per kW is low, if consumption is high then the Return on Investment can be significant, as well as assisting your business to lower its carbon emissions.

No job is too big. We have an excellent reputation for delivering projects with the deadline and on budget. We strive to continue relationships after the job has been completed, where Carbon Evolution offer panel cleaning and maintenance.

Return on Investment (R.O.I.)

With no feed in tariff the return on investment for commercial solar depends on sizing the system correctly to maximise consumption, including use of battery storage, keep costs low. We work on innovative solutions to maximise your site’s ROI.

Commercial solar panel solutions in London, West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey